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Advances in Sciences and Engineering


ISSN:     2046-0392

Email: ase@techrev.org.uk

Volume 9, Number 1 (2017)


7 papers on 1 page(s)


Farmers' attitudes towards sustainable agriculture practices in Lublin Province
Talal Saeed Hameed, Barbara Sawicka

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.1.pdf



Determination of Tolfenpyrad residue and degration on the cabbage surface
Wang Qing-qing, Liu Chuan-de

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.7.pdf



Laboratory Research on Air-assisting Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
Cheng Mingming, Gao Jianbo, Lei Guanglun, Geng Xiaoheng, Zhang Zaiwang, Ma Xiin

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.14.pdf



Odour and Salt Taste Identification in Older Adults: Evidence from the Yakumo Study
Naomi Katayama, Shoko Kondo, Hironao Ootake, Masaaki Teranishi, Michihiko Sone, Yasushi Fujimoto, Hirokazu Suzuki, Saiko Sugiura, Seiichi Nakata, Tsutomu Nakashima

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.20.pdf



Analysis and Control of Coriander and Cucumbers in Tossed Salad
Yuansong Zhang, Yunsheng Jiang, Zeng Li, Danfeng Wu, Yunjiao Shi

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.32.pdf



Bayesian inference for Diffusion Processes
Junfeng Lai , Zaizai Yan, Jingyu Wang

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.37.pdf



Determination of Salbutamol, clenbutesol, Ractopamine in pork meat by LC-MS/MS
Wan-Li Zong

Full-text PDF: ase.9.1.42.pdf