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Journal of Food Engineering and Technology


ISSN: 2051-7734

Email: jfet@techrev.org.uk


Volume 2, Number 2 (2013)


8 papers on 1 page(s)


Evaluation of Fruits’ Bruises for Impact against Double Wall Corrugated Fiberboard Using Pressure-sensitive Film Technique 1

Chen Wang , Tianying Yu, Yucheng Chen


Influence of Ultra-high Pressure Sterilization, Microwave Sterilization, Thermal Pasteurization on Physic-chemical Properties, Antioxidant Capacity and Phenolic Compounds of Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) Juice 7

Xiao-Long Ji, Li-Juan Du, Han-Ying Tian, You-Ke Wang, Min Wang


Optimization of Lyophilized Process Conditions of Coriander 21

Xin-Zhi Cao , Kai-Bin Lv, Fang Liu, Lin-Lin Li


A Novel Method for Indirect Determination of Iodine in Milk Powder by Hydride Generation- Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry 27

Jianping Lu, Huquan Ni, Fangwei Tan and Qiong Tang


A review of genotype, rearing and slaughter weight effect on carcass and meat quality of Duroc pigs 33

Hongbo Zhang, Ye Jin


Stability of Docosahexaenoic Acid in Bread Baking with Incorporating Microalgal Cells or Microencapsulated Microalgal Oil 47

Tseng-Hsing Wang, Chien-Fu Huang, Yu-Hui Ku, Chieh Kuang Hsieh and Yi-Min Chen 


Effect of microwave heating on the fatty acid composition of beef intramuscular lipids 55



Effect of Packaging Material, Light, Temperature and Storage Time on Quality of Camellia Oil 67

Xuehui Wu, Qiaohua Kou, Yanyan Zheng