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Journal of Food Engineering and Technology


ISSN: 2051-7734

Email: jfet@techrev.org.uk

Volume 3, Number 2 (2014)


7 papers on 1 page(s)


Preparation of Detoxified Ginkgo Powder from Ginkgoes by Ethanol Extraction and Ultrafiltration: Effect of Operation Conditions on Ginkgolic Acid Removal Rate and Ginkgo Recovery
Meiying Huang, Hanju Sun, Xiaodong Cao, Ce Shi, Hong Lei, Fan Yang, Xiaoli Wang
Effect of Alkaline Treatment Conditions to the Rehydration of Pig Skin in the Processing of Bubble Pepper Crystal Pig Skin
Jianfei Zhu, Jing Chen
Study on detecting the quality characteristics of beef chuck by high frequency weak signal
Xiangyan Meng, Yonghai Sun, Yumiao Ren
Rapid determination of 16 phthalate esters in edible vegetable oils by GC-MS/MS with QuEChERS
Chuan Zhou, Yongsheng Chen, Hong Yang, Yuanrong Jiang
Enzymatic extraction and physicochemical property of soluble dietary fiber of Phyllanthus emblica L.
Guo-bin Song, Ying Feng, Hong Zhang, Hua Zheng, Bin Hou, Wen-wen Zhang, Kun Li, Juan Xu
Silk Protein was Hydrolyzed by Sulfuric Acid to Prepare the Silk Fibroin Peptides
Xin-Zhi Cao, Lin-Lin Li,Lin-Sheng Ren , Jia Liu
Effect of Pre-dry Methods on the Quality of Mushroom (Pleurotus Eryngii) Soft-can Products and Related Vacuum Dry Model
Chen Jun-chen, Yang Yi-long, Lai Pu-fu, Weng min-jie, Zheng Heng-guang