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Journal of Food Engineering and Technology


ISSN: 2051-7734

Email: jfet@techrev.org.uk

Volume 4, Number 2 (2015)


9 papers on 1 page(s)


Study on the Purification Technics of Cytochrome c from Pig Cardiac Muscle

Li Shuai, Xu Haoran, Li Chenggang, Yu You, Cheng Yingkun

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.1.pdf



Microbial Fermentation Produced Polymers Poly (γ-glutamic acid) with Corn in 300L Fermentor

Fengqing Wang, Jinzhong Liang, Yupin Song

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.6.pdf



Study on Antibacterial Activity of Purple Cabbage Extract

Chunling Xiao, Huimin Zhang, Qian Chen

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.13.pdf



Production of Dangshan Pear Wine by Liquid Fermentation Based on Orthogonal Design Optimal Experiments

Shan Song, Lijun Pan, Xuefeng Wu

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.17.pdf



Separation and Purification of Proteins in Superfine Ground Powder from Jelly Fungus

LIU hai-ling, YANG chun-yu, YANG chun-li, JING Zhi-gang

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.24.pdf



Study on The Preparation of Powered Lycopene Using Porous Starch and Its Stability

Xu Zhong, Zhao Dan

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.29.pdf



Extraction and Process Conditions Optimization of Ficin by Ionic Liquid Aqueous Two-phase System

Tao Cai, Jiaju He, Guosheng Li, Haide Zhang, Anhua Dong, Jian Peng

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.34.pdf



Physiological Effects of Chitosan Coating on Seed Germination Pennycress

Jing Zhu, Yan Zhao, Xiang-dong Wang

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.47.pdf



Effects of Kudzu Root Residue as Substrate on the Biotransformation of Puerarin and the Fermentation Characteristics in Submerged Fermentation of Agaricus Brasiliensis

Shi De-fang, Cheng Wei, Fan Xiu-zhi , Xue Shu-jing, Guo Peng, Gao Hong

Full-text PDF: jfet.4.2.52.pdf