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Journal of Food Engineering and Technology


ISSN: 2051-7734

Email: jfet@techrev.org.uk

Volume 5, Number 1 (2016)


7 papers on 1 page(s)


Effect of Controlled Atmosphere Storage on the Quality of Dictyophora indusiata during Cold Storage

Sheng Liu, Xiaoming Duan, Libin Wang, Li'e Jia, Xianjun Rao, Zhenliang Zhang, Yuhua Xie, Li Li

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.1.pdf



Determination of Trace Elements in the Rice of Northeast China By ICP-AES

Wu You, Wang Ying, Chen Ming, Meng Qingzhu

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.8.pdf



The Preparation of Glucoamylase Microcapsules Used in Time-temperature Indicator

Jingjing Meng, Yuanyuan Tang, Jing Qian

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.13.pdf



Optimization for Ultrasound Extraction of Polyphenol from Aronia Melanocarpa (Chokeberry) with Antioxidant Activity

Gao Ningxuan, Li Bin, Chou Shurui, Yang Peiqing, Li Enhui, Zhang Ye

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.20.pdf



Comparative Analysis of Elements in Several Kinds of Chocolate

Li Wencui, LV Yong, Wang Lanyi, Li Jiayu, Xin Shigang, Wang Ying

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.29.pdf



Simultaneous Detection of Betulinic acid, Oleanolic acid and Ursolic acid from Different Cultivars of Chinese-date, Wild Jujube and Its Seed Based on HPLC

Chongyang Li, Dandan Li, Dehua Mou

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.34.pdf



Effect of Nitric Oxide on Disease Resistance and Reactive Oxygen Specious (ROS) Metabolism of Postharvest Valencia Orange

Lidan Liu, Futang Chu

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.1.41.pdf