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Journal of Food Engineering and Technology


ISSN: 2051-7734

Email: jfet@techrev.org.uk

Volume 5, Number 2 (2016)


7 papers on 1 page(s)


Effect of Salicylic Acid on Lignification of Fresh-cut Zizania Latifolia and the Possible Biochemical Mechanisms

Weihua Wang, Wei Chen, Haibo Luo, Li Jiang, Zhifang Yu

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.1.pdf



Effects of Ultrahigh Pressure on Total Phenol Content of Blueberry Juice

LI Xinghe, ZHANG Bo, ZHU Jin-yan, WANG Yuehua, MENG Xianjun

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.8.pdf



Effects of Pre-cooling, Low Temperature Transportation and Different Retailing Methods on the Quality of Green Asparagus

Xiaoming Duan, Sheng Liu,Li'e Jia, Xiaofang Zhang, Lijun Sun, Yan Li, Zhongyang Fan, Qiuyu Zhang

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.15.pdf



Comparison of Fatty Acids with Amino Acids Profiles of Wapiti Deer (Cervus elaphus) Muscle

Zhaohua Hou, Jing Luo, Hui Zhao, Bo Cui, Bin Yu

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.20.pdf



Effects of Different Transportation Methods on Quality of Sweet Cherry After Forced-air Cooling

Xiaofang Zhang, Sheng Liu, Li-e Jia, Lijun Sun, Yan Li

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.32.pdf



Effects of combined starter cultures on quality of fermented sausage during ripening

Huang Lu, Huan Yanjun

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.38.pdf



Research of the Gelling Properties of Milk Powder with Rapid Viscosity Analyzer and Textural Analyzer

Wu Weidu, Zhu Hui, Wang Yaqiong, Li Yanjun

Full-text PDF: jfet.5.2.48.pdf