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Journal of Materials and Applications


ISSN(Print):    2051-7742        ISSN (Online): 2051-7750
Email: jma@techrev.org.uk

Volume 5, Number 1 (2016)

9 papers on 1 page(s)


Valence Electron Structure Analysis of Diamond Crystal Growth with Ni-based Catalyst

Li Li, Shuzhen Gao, Zhao Liu

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.1.pdf



Analysis of Photoluminescence Mechanism of SiNx Films Annealed at High Temperatures

Jiang Lihua, Tan Xinyu, Xiao Ting, Xiang Peng

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.6.pdf



An Effective Methodology towards Designing Single-layer Microwave Absorbers

Liming Yuan, Fei Dai, Deyuan Zhang

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.13.pdf



Study on Temperature Property of Band Structures of Narrowband Filter for Far Infrared

WANG Lei, CHEN Zhenhua, LI Jiawei,WANG Chao, TIAN Xiaoming, LU Yanhong, GUO Fucai, HUANG Maosong

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.19.pdf



The numerical analysis of damage in coal under the explosive load of multiple-hole

ZHAO Jian-jian, LI Sai, LI Jia

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.24.pdf



The Comparison on Seismic Performance of PEC Column-steel Beam Frames with End Plates and the Top-seat Angles Connections

Gentian Zhao, Chao Gao

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.32.pdf



Study on effect of material on static adhesion between lunar regolith and explorer

Xuyan Hou, Xiaoping Yang, Hua Fu, Kailiang Zhang, Kaidi Zhang, Ping Liang

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.38.pdf



Study on the preparation of the Poly(Catechol-Hexamethylenediamine) and its application of lead ions adsorption

Zining Ruan, Qingyan Li, Qinze Liu, Jinshui Yao,and Qiang Liu

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.46.pdf



Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming Based on GS Theory and Neural Network Genetic Algorithm Function Optimization

Wentao Xiong, Hongbin Liu, Huawen Li

Full-text PDF: jma.5.1.57.pdf